What A Nice Guy by Phil Torcivia

I came across this book on the Women’s Literary Cafe website and requested it as one of my January review picks.  It wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be, but I ended up enjoying it for what it was.

What a Nice Guy by Phil Torcivia is a book comprised of various vignettes about life, love, and relationships from the blog that Phil keeps.  Many of them are humorous, although there are people who would probably consider some of them crass as well.  As a divorced man approaching age 50, Phil has had much experience in both life and love and it certainly shows in these vignettes.

Like I mentioned above, this book was not what I was expecting.  When I requested it, I thought it was fiction.  I am not usually a humor or non-fiction reader.  However, given that I finished it in about five days, I would say that I enjoyed it.  At first, I wasn’t sure what this book was even about, as the vignettes are connected only through illustrated headings.  Otherwise, they were very diverse, with few connecting threads.  The humor was sometimes crass, which some people might find off-putting, but I don’t mind bad language or sexual humor.  Overall, the book was funny, and I got some good laughs, but it is not on my list of favorites.  I give it three stars out of five.




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