Creatura by Nely Cab

Isis is a young woman who hasn’t slept for three months.  Her dreams are haunted by a terrifying creature who comes closer and closer, yet can never be seen clearly.  One night Isis decides she will face up to this creature and get it to come to her.  The creature turns out to be a god named Daniel, who is less threatening than he appears to be.  Humans are not allowed in his realm.  However, the forbidden connection between Isis and Daniel cannot be ignored.

I know I said this with the book I read last month, but I am not usually one to give bad reviews.  However, I had a very difficult time getting through this book.  It wasn’t necessarily the plot, which had very interesting points.  For me it was more the language.  The descriptive paragraphs had poor grammar and the dialogue was old-fashioned and stilted.  Honestly, I wondered whether the book had been translated from another language or if English had been the author’s first language.  I did some research on the author and saw that she was born in Mexico, so I suppose English could be her second language.  I do not want to make assumptions, though.

I found the premise of the book interesting, if not a little bit overdone.  Girl meets a god.  They fall in love.  Love is forbidden.  Not exactly a new plot, especially with all the young adult books being written about the supernatural lately.  The book took a while to get interesting, but once it did it was a little easier to get through.  I give this one 2 stars out of 5.



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