H10N1 by Marsha Cornelius

This was my pick for the WorldLitCafe review this month and I was pleasantly surprised.  I really enjoyed this book.  The story opens with doctor Taeya Sanchez, who is working with the CDC to try to stop a new flu pandemic.  This particular flu has been biologically engineered to wipe out most of the human race.  After she loses her position at the hospital, she decides to sneak away in the middle of the night.  While trying to steal a van, she unexpectedly meets a rogue supply runner with plans to steal the same van.  What follows is an adventure across the country, with two people that hate each other trying to keep ahead of the gangs and looters. 

I really enjoyed this story, although I was expecting it to be more about the actual pandemic than the aftermath.  The characters were well developed and the action kept me wanting to read more.  Rick and Taeya were both extremely likeable and I was rooting for them to get together the entire time.  Whether they do or not is something I will let you, the reader, find out for yourself.  This was a rollicking adventure across the United States, with Rick and Taeya trying to keep one step ahead of the flu, the looters, and the riff-raff that remains after most of the human population has been weeded out.  I highly recommend this to lovers of action and medical thrillers.  4 stars!



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