Look Again by Lisa Scottoline


Look Again by Lisa Scottoline is a fast-paced thriller about a young single mom who discovers that her adopted son may be a child on a “Have You Seen This Child?” postcard. Ellen Gleeson, reporter for a newspaper in Philadelphia, receives one of these postcards in her mail one day and her life is never the same.  The child on the postcard, Timothy Braverman, more than resembles the son she adopted two years ago, Will.  Ellen fully believes that she legally adopted Will from a young mother who couldn’t care for his medical needs, however, his resemblance to the boy on the postcard is too strong for her to ignore.  As a reporter, her natural instincts to investigate take her on a heart-wrenching journey from Philadelphia, to New Jersey, to Florida, and back again.  Is Will legally Ellen’s or will she lose him?  With a fantastic twist at the end that you never see coming, this book is a highly recommended read for all mystery fans.

I always say that I am not a huge fan of mysteries, but I find myself reading them more and more often.  That being said, it takes a special kind of mystery to keep my attention and this was definitely it.  With short, fast-paced chapters and non-stop action this book kept my attention from beginning to end.  As a mother, Ellen’s predicament really tugged at my heartstrings.  This is the second book by Lisa Scottoline that I have read and I will definitely be reading more.  I highly recommend this book for fans of mysteries, thrillers, or just a good story.  Four stars!



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