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Always Her Cowboy by Karen Rose Smith

This is the book I chose to read for WorldLitCafe this month and, honestly, I’m rather disappointed that it’s the one I chose.  I do not like to give bad reviews, but I just did not like this book.  I am not a romance reader, although I used to be, but I thought I would give this one a try because it had horses on the cover, and I love them!  Bad choice on my part.

Lucy McIntyre is the adopted daughter of a ranch-living family.  She loves horses and her family, but has been hurt in the past because of her inability to have children.  Zackary Burke is a drifter, roaming from ranch to ranch looking for work and running from the loss of his wife and child.  Will love find these two damaged people?

As I mentioned above, I am not a romance reader.  I read many while I was in high school, but soon discovered that if you had read one, you had read most of them.  I wanted to read this one, because I thought horse would play a more integral part in the plot.  There aren’t many fiction books involving horses for adults.  However, I was sorely disappointed, both with the involvement of horses and the plot.  There just did not seem to be much of one.

The sexual tension between Zack and Lucy is very apparent, but I spent most of the book wishing they would just have sex already.  When they finally did, I was disappointed with the cliches involved in the sex scene.  The dialogue between the two seemed stilted and forced, and the emotions of the characters just didn’t seem real.  Not only did I wish they would just have sex already, I was waiting for something to happen already!  The lack of a coherent plot and unbelievability of the scenarios led me to give this book two starts out of five.



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